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Legendary Reliability

Built Better to last longer. The SpeedQueen Difference

We’ve all said it – “they just don’t make things like they used to.” Well, the truth is, most appliance companies don’t…but Speed Queen isn’t most companies. Our commercial quality pedigree has been built over more than 110 years in Ripon, Wisconsin. While you might buy on that pedigree, true peace of mind comes in performance and reliability. We believe that when you spend hard-earned dollars on a major appliance it should reward you with decades of even harder work. Rest assured; Speed Queen will deliver nothing short of that.


American Quality

Pop quiz: what happens when 3,000+ employees unite in one mission to produce the highest quality laundry equipment on the planet? The answer: 10,400+ cycles of performance. It might seem like just washing and drying to others, but for us, laundry is all we do, and we are committed to giving you nothing but the pinnacle of quality. Do we have to dry giant rolls of duct tape continuously for hundreds of hours in our test lab? Well, the lab techs who must listen to that thumping, would say no…or at least not every day. As a company, however, we know that pushing limits is how we deliver the highest quality products. Oh, and it’s kind of cool to see what happens to those rolls of tape.

Proven Performer in Laundry

Many Models available. Call us to check for more availbilty

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